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Are you looking for the best Faucetpay faucets for earning free Bitcoin and other crypto online? If the answer to this question is yes, you are in the right place because here you will find the best faucets for earning free crypto and in particular, the best Faucetpay faucets

But do you know what are faucets? Let’s get some good knowledge!

First of all, what are faucets?

Faucets are websites and mobile apps that allow to earn a small amount of Bitcoin and other cryptos for each claim with no investment, so it’s completely free. The reason for this stands in the ads shown. This is how the owner of the faucets can finance the website and pay the users who make a claim.

These websites and apps are an easy and trusted means to earn free crypto without investing anything, only some patience is needed and you will see your profit raising day by day.

In this page you find the best Faucetpay faucets, linked to FaucetPay Microwallet for earning free crypto online easily and quickly.

Faucetpay is full of faucets but some of them are empty or not working anymore. In this page I want to make life easier to you, showing only the best faucets that pay. In a few words, YOU WON’T FIND ANY SCAMS HERE, only the most trusted Faucetpay faucets.

What is Faucetpay.io?

Faucetpay is a crypto multi-wallet that allows you to collect easily all the earnings from all the faucets linked to it. The website is full of faucets for every kind of crypto, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash and others.

But faucets are not the only means of revenue with this website.

You can earn even more with the Multiplier game, where you can double your earnings and the PTC Ads, which reward you with BTC simply whatching an Ad for 15 seconds. You can complete Offerwalls, such as Wannads or Surveys and earn a lot.

Plus, if you log-in at least once per day, you get reward points, up to 100 per day, which you can convert to BTC or use to increase your earnings up to 1000%.

Share your Affiliate link and earn:

  • 0.50% of every bet in the Multiply BTC game
  • 50% revenue share each time your referral exchanges coins at the EXCHANGE section
  • 25% of each offer they complete in the OFFERWALL section
  • 50% of the PTC Ads reward for every advertisement completed

Don’t you have a Faucetpay account?


If you haven’t subscribed to Faucetpay.io yet, click here and create an account. It’s very easy to do it, so I won’t go through it in details.

Once you have created your account, proceed to your Dashboard and, under the menu Linked Addresses, insert all the wallet addresses for each crypto you have, for example Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.. If you don’t have a wallet address I recommend to create a Coinbase account which is the safest and the most reliable platform where to collect your crypto coins. Otherwise, you can use the internal addresses you can find in the Deposit section.

Let’s get some coins with Faucetpay faucets!

In faucetpay.io there’s a huge list of faucets for every coin BUT NOT ALL THEM ARE WORKING!

That’s why I made a list, that you find in the table below,, where I inserted all the faucets I personally tested among the huge list Faucetpay offers and THEY ARE ALL PAYING 100% . Here are all the trusted ones that I can recommend as LEGIT!


I update this list very often, anytime I find new faucets or if some of them are not working anymore! Check the page often for any updates!

NOTE: all the latest Faucetpay faucets are showed on top of each group of coins!

Happy earnings 🙂

Feyorra MultifaucetBTC, ETH,
No timerUnlimited Faucet+
5 CoinsFaucetpayCLAIM
Larvel FaucetBTC, LTC, DOGE60 minutesUp to 2000 CoinsImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
40 minutesVariable
250 coinsFaucetpayCLAIM
AdBtcBitcoinRandomVariable4000 satoshiFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond BTCBitcoin5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co BTCBitcoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
ClaimbitsBitcoin6 minutesUp to 100 satoshiInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestBitcoinFaucetBitcoin1 minuteUp to 50 SatoshiInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid BTCBitcoin5 minutes5 satoshiinstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Kostantinova BTCBitcoin5 minutesVariable
xFaucet BitcoinBitcoin5 minutesVariable
CointiplyBitcoin60 minutesVariable35.000 coinsFaucetpayCLAIM
FautsyBitcoin5 minutesUp to 15 satoshiInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
I-bits.ioBitcoin5 minutesUp to 100 satoshiImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Gobits.ioBitcoin5 minutesUp to 100 satoshiImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Starbits.ioBitcoin5 minutesUp to 100 satoshiImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran BTCBitcoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus BTCBitcoin5 minuttesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond ETHEthereum5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestFaucet ETHEthereum1 minuteVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co ETHEthereum10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid ETHEthereum5 minutes160 EtherInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Konstantinova ETHEthereum5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet EthereumEthereum5 minutesVariable + BonusImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran ETHEthereum10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus ETHEthereum5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond DOGEDogecoin5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co DOGEDogecoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid DOGEDogecoin5 minutes0.13 DogeInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
FreedogeonDogecoin60 minutesup to 200$+Bonus200 DOGEFaucetpay (Direct)CLAIM
Kostantinova DOGEDogecoin5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet DogecoinDogecoin5 minutesVariable + BonusImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran DOGEDogecoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus DOGEDogecoin5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
DigitaskDogecoinNo TimerVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Doge-FaucetDogecoin60 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond LTCLitecoin5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestFaucet LTCLitecoin1 minuteVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co LTCLitecoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid LTCLitecoin5 minutes700 LitoshiInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Konstantinova LTCLitecoin5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet LitecoinLitecoin5 minutesVariable + BonusImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran LTCLitecoin10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus LTCLitecoin5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond BCHBitcoin Cash5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestFaucet BCHBitcoin Cash1 minuteVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co BCHBitcoin Cash10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid BCHBitcoin Cash5 minutes130 SatoshiInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Konstantinova BCHBitcoin Cash5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet BitcoinCashBitcoin Cash5 minutesVariable + BonusImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran BCHBitcoin Cash10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus BCHBitcoin Cash5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond DASHDash5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestFaucet DASHDash1 minuteVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co DASHDash10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coinbid DASHDash5 minutes200 DashInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet DASHDash5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Konstantinova DASHDash5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran DASHDash10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Coin Bonus DASHDash5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond DGBDigibyte5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
BestFaucet DGBDigibyte1 minuteVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Bagi.co DGBDigibyte10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
Keran.co DGBDigibyte10 minutesVariableImmediateFaucetpayCLAIM
xFaucet DGBDigibyte5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Kostantinova DGBDigibyte5 minutesVariable + BonusInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond TRXTron5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM
Diamond USDTTether5 minutesVariableInstantFaucetpayCLAIM

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