Earn free crypto with Faucetcrypto.com

Earn free crypto with faucetcrypto.com

Do you want to earn free crypto and you are looking for some good faucets online but you find only scams or useless website? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place because Faucetcrypto.com is one of the best faucets that allow you to earn free crypto quickly and easily! With this faucet you can earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Dash and many others.

In this tutorial I will show you the best features of Faucetcrypto.com where you can earn free crypto in many ways such as:

  • Internal faucet
  • Shortlinks
  • PTC Ads
  • Offerwalls
  • Sharing your referral link
  • Achievements and Bonuses

At the end of the tutorial I will show you how to advertise your referral links of your faucets through the Advertising Network included in Faucetcrypto.com. So stay tuned and read until the end!

Register a new account

The first thing to do is to create a new account. This can be done going to the Faucetcrypto.com official website and click Get started

Registration form

Hence, insert an Username, Email and Password and click Register. Then you will receive a confirmation email with a link to click on. After you clicked on that link you can log in and start earning free crypto with this faucet. Pretty straight forward, isn’t it?

Now let’s go through the main features of Faucetcrypto.com


As you log in, your Dashboard will appear

Dashboard and its many ways to earn free crypto

As you can easily see, on the left part you have the main menu where you can choose how to earn free crypto among many features like internal faucet, shortlinks, Ptc ads and others. In the same menu you also have Referrals, Withdraw and the Exchange buttons. But I will explain those in details later in this tutorial.

In the top part you have your Balance, in both coins and Bitcoin satoshi

NOTE: with this faucet you earn coins that you can convert to Bitcoin or other crypto right away at the time of withdrawal

In the middle part you can check your stats, such as your progress towards the next level, tasks you completed during the day, referrals claims and others.

Now let’s go through each feature in details!

Earm free crypto with the faucet

Now that you have understood the Dashboard, it’s time to explain how to earn free crypto in practice with the internal faucet.

Earm free crypto with the internal faucet

After you log in, click on the Ready to Claim button, on the main menu. This is the faucet where you can earn free crypto every 40 minutes clicking on Get Reward. The coolest thing, compared to other faucets, is that there’s no captcha to solve and the claim is very quick!

NOTE: the amount you claim changes depending on your level and if the 4x bonus is active. The more tasks you complete, the higher level you reach and the higher amount you can claim.

Earn free crypto completing Shortlinks

earn free crypto in the shortlinks section

Now let’s move to the Shortlinks section, which you can find again in the main menu.

Nothing much to say, the only thing to do is to click on Complete Link and follow the instruction inside the shortlink. When you complete it you will receive the reward which will increase with your level.

NOTE: If you cannot stand all the pop ads and banners that appear in Shortlinks, try to use Brave Browser, which has an Ad-Block. I made a full tutorial for Brave Browser, the web browser that pays to navigate!

Earn free crypto with PTC Ads

Earn free crypto completing PTC ads

Same as before, you can earn free crypto simply through the PTC ads. Click on Visit Website and wait some seconds. Then you will have to click Continue, in the top right corner of the Ad and you will be redirected to Faucetcrypto and receive your reward.

Earn free crypto completing Offers

Earn free crypto completing offers

Another way to earn free crypto with Faucetcrypto is through the Offewall section.

You can choose among a few offers providers in the main menu, such as Wannads, Survey wall and OfferDaddy but I personaly recommend Wannads because they reward higher amount of coins

NOTE: take into account that it may take up to 3 days to receive your rewards from Wannads offers and not all of them are paying.

Share your referral link and earn more

A good way to passively earn free crypto with Faucetcrypto.com is to share your personal referral link with friends and in social networks. Doing this, you will earn 25% of what your referrals earn. And if you have our own website, you can use Faucetcrypto banners that they provide for free in the Referral Page

Achievements and Bonuses

As I previously mentioned, Faucetcrypto.com has a good system of Achievements and Bonuses.

The main bonuses are:

  • Daily bonus, 35 coins once per day
  • 4x Bonus they run randomly
  • Increased earnings everytime you level up

If you click on the Achievements section you will find a list with all the achievements you can get. They all reset either daily or weekly and they reward you with Experience and Coins

Achievements section

Withdraw your coins

Withdraw panel

You can withdraw your coins anytime you reach a minimum of 500 coins clicking on the Withdraw button. Choose the crypto you prefer among the various assets they offer, such as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many many others! The withdraw is instant to your wallet address.

NOTE: Bitcoin can only be withdrawn to Faucetpay.io Microwallet. If you don’t know what Faucetpay is, read the Tutorial for Faucetpay and its faucets.

Advertise your faucets referral links

Now that you know how to earn free crypto with Faucetcrypto.com, I will show you one of the best features of this website: its Advertising Network. With this you will be able to advertise your faucet referral links and increase your referrals. Or you can simply advertise your website.

To access the platform click on the PTC Ads section first and on the right part you will see the advertising panel. It looks like this

Advertising panel

Let’s see how it works!

Deposit/exchange coins

First thing to do is to buy credits that you will use for advertising your links. You can either deposit some Bitcoin satoshi to the platform or buy credits using coins you earned in the website. Click on Deposit/Exchange and this panel appear

Deposit/exchange panel explained

If you want to deposit some Bitcoin, click on Deposit Link and a Bitcoin wallet address will appear where you will have to send your satoshi.

Otherwise you can buy credits using your coins earned in the website.

Create new ad

After you bought credits, go back to the advertising panel and click New ad.

Create new ad panel

As you can see from the picture above, here you will have to insert all the ad details, like title (make it attractive!), a description and the URL of the referral link.

IMPORTANT: Always test the URL to make sure that the link supports iFrame. Otherwise the AD won’t be shown properly!

Once you are satisfied, choose the views amount you want to buy and the seconds for your Ad to be shown and click Buy Advertisement.

NOTE: minimum views to buy is 500 views.

At this point Faucetcrypto team will review the advertisement you submitted and it will be put online.


Faucetcrypto is for sure one of the best faucets online for earning free crypto quickly. And as you could see, it is not only a crypto faucet but also a very powerful Advertising Network and at the same time cheap. Think about the fact that you are not investing anything and you can advertise whatever without spending a cent. You are just using some crypto that you earned during your free time!

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