Earn free Bitcoin with Freebitco.in


Freebitco.in is certainly the most famous faucet on the web to earn free bitcoin. It has been online for several years now, and it has tens of millions of users who use it all over the world, as it has an excellent reputation for the profit you can make with it, and for its reliability and security. In this guide we will see in details how you can earn free bitcoin, up to 200$ every hour and all the best features of Freebitco.in.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! If you join Freebitco.in using the links in this article, becoming my referrals, I will pay you a daily interest based on your activity! This means, the more you roll, the more I will pay you! 🙂

Register a new account

The first thing to do is to register for Freebitco.in, go to the offical website to register, the only thing you need is a valid email address, as you will receive an email where you must confirm the registration.

How to use Freebitco.in and earn free bitcoin

After having successfully completed the registration, log in to your account and this page will appear:

earn free bitcoin with the free faucet section

As you can see the interface is very simple, to earn free bitcoin, you can claim every hour by solving the captcha code, and you can win up to a maximum of $ 200 in bitcoins for each roll, plus for each claim you will receive 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points, which we will later see what they are for. Above and in green you will find two sections Deposit and Withdraw:

  • Deposit: This section will give you a bitcoin address, linked to your freebitcoin account. In fact you can decide to deposit bitcoins as the faucet pays you daily interest when you reach 30,000 satoshi and afterwards. Obviously depositing is not mandatory, as interests are given to you even if you reach 30,000 satoshi, with the different free methods within the faucet, which we will see shortly.
  • Withdraw: In this section you can withdraw funds (Attention! First you must enter your Bitcoin wallet address, I personally recommend to use Coinbase, which is the safest platform where you can deposit not only BTC but also many other cryptocurrencies). You can choose three different methods, the automatic method (recommended) will transfer the funds to your wallet automatically every Sunday, the slow method, and the instant method (in these last two methods there are higher commissions)

Earn free bitcoin with the Multiplier game

In the Multiply Btc section you can bet your bitcoin earned in the faucet.

multiplier game, earn 200$ every hour and multiply it here

Just choose the amount to bet, and choose an option between “BET HI” “BET LOW“, you can win up to 4750 times the amount wagered.

In this video you will learn the best trick to get the best from the Multiplier and earn free bitcoin quicker.

Earn Btc

earn 200$ with the faucet and earn interest every day in this section

As I said before, Freebitco.in pays you a daily interest when you reach 30,000 satoshi and afterwards.

In fact, in the Earn Btc section, you can see the interest rate, they will give you 4.08% a year on all your bitcoins, if you want to deposit bitcoins, you can calculate your interest in the interest calculator section before depositing, in order to understand if it is convenient or not (the interest will be given to you every day).

Earn free bitcoin with the Lottery game

Earn free bitcoin with the Lottery game

The Freebitco.in lottery is once a week, and the prizes will be awarded to the winners every Sunday.

In addition to the tickets you will be given for each claim, you can also decide to buy them, 1 satoshi = 1 ticket. The prizes will be awarded to the top 10, sometimes the prize exceeds 1 bitcoin, obviously winning is very difficult as there are millions of users buying tickets. So the rule is, the more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win.

How to use the Rewards Points

Let’s now talk about one of the best advantages that Freebitco.in offers, the Reward points.

Every time you make a faucet roll, you earn Reward points, from a minimum of 2 RP to a maximum of 10 RP when they run the 5x Reward points promotion which starts every Saturday at 00:00 UTC and ends every Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

use rewards points to earn free bitcoin and more

As you can see from the picture above, you can use the RP in several ways:

  • Exchanging them in bitcoins, when you reach 100,000 points you will be awarded 100,000 satoshi
  • You can choose whether to exchange them for prizes
  • You can choose whether to exchange them for bonuses that will increase the number of satoshi given to you for each claim, up to a maximum of 1000%.
  • For a bonus that will increase the number of lottery tickets for each claim.
  • For a bonus that increases the same rewards point for each claim

Earni free bitcoin from Referrals

Le’t now look at the referral system in details:

Referral commission rates

Earn free bitcoin from referrals bonuses

Freebitco.in referral system is one of the best and convenient among all the bitcoin faucets online. You earn 50% of the base prize for each referral roll, 0.40% of each wager and 25% of daily interest from them. Furthermore they give you 1 lottery ticket and reward points for every roll they make. As you can see from the picture above, under the green box you have your referral URL to share with people. If you want to know an easy and free way to get many referrals, read the guide I made How to increase referrals with Claim Bitcoin Network.

Your referrals section

If you scroll down the Refer page you will see the information about your referrals, how many referrals you have and how much profit you made from them.

Your referrals page

Share your bitcoin with referrals

NOTE: If you join Freebitco.in using the links in this article, I will share my Bitcoin with you based on your activity. This means that the more you roll, the more I will pay you!

If you prefer you can share some of your bitcoin with your referrals, it’s just a way you have to thank them for registering with your link 🙂

As you can see, you have different options

  • you can share an equal amount to all your referrals
  • or you can share an amount based on the total referral activity or
  • you can share an amount based on ref activity but since last payout

How to make your account safer

If you have a big amount of bitcoin in your account you can make it safer adding the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). To do that click on the Profile section in the top menu and click on 2 Factor Authentication. After having verified your email you will be able to set it and use the code created by Google Authenticator app that you will need to download and install on your mobile phone.

The stats section

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Cattura6-1.png

Finally in the Stats section you will be able to see all the website’s statistics and your personal statistics, like how much you earned with the Free Btc roll or with the Multiplier game, and you can check the value, in real time, of bitcoin.


Freebitco.in is one of the best faucet for earning free Bitcoin you can find around the web. It has many useful features that if used correctly, can be I good source of earnings.

The last advice I want to give you are:

  1. Use your rewards points to multiply your Free Btc roll, especially taking advantages of the 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x promotions they run during the weekends
  2. Don’t play too much with the Multiplier game because it’s exactly like gambling and you may loose all your earnings in a few clicks
  3. Participate to the various contest they run
  4. Get as many referrals as you can

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